Bishop Edward Turner's Message

Relationships provide the most effective communication. As such, I have always encouraged community members to build and strengthen our relationships with the people we serve. The Clergy Councils are an excellent example of dynamic and effective communication. Together, we can enhance the quality of services we provide.

It started as a vision God gave me in Puerta Allegro, Brazil while working with Dr. Morris Cerullo of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, San Diego, California.

It was 1979 when I first received a Word from the Lord concerning the ministry. He was birthing within my spirit. I had such a witness that this would be the beginning of something great. Being obedient and submitted to my Pastor, the late Dr. Wayne Sylvester Davis of the First Apostolic Church of Inglewood, I stayed under his leadership and did not move out and begin this work until 5 years later on March 4, 1984, when we opened the doors to Power of Love Christian Fellowship.

Edward Turner
Community Day Founder